Body Surgery

Before you should think of having body surgery or any other works done, we highly recommend the following:

There are many things that you can do before your surgery to improve the result you will get. Planning is everything!

You will need at least two weeks before a surgery to start a health regimen that includes stopping smoking, reducing your alcohol intake to a bare minimum and making sure that you do not take anything containing aspirin. If you are taking any prescription (or non-prescription) drugs or are on HRT make sure you let your surgeon know.

There are vitamins and dietary supplements that you can take before your surgery to improve your body’s ability to heal. These are:

Vitamin K- start taking these in 5 mg tablets 3-5 days before your surgery. It is believed to reduce the amount of bruising you will experience.

Arnica- take these starting two days before surgery. This homeopathic herb is said to reduce the amount of inflammation on your incisions and it also may aid digestion.

If you are taking vitamin E (this includes multi-vitamins), stop taking them two weeks before your surgery. It has anti-coagulant properties that will reduce your body’s ability to clot blood.

It is also advised that you go on a body detoxification programme for 4-6 weeks prior to surgery. This includes no alcohol, smoking, sugars, tea and coffee. You should also restrict your intake of processed foods and dairy products.

This information is offered as a guideline. You need to speak to your surgeon about your own particular health and what he or she recommends you do to prepare for your surgery.