Cosmetic Surgery Guide

Try to interview at least two surgeons before deciding on who you would like to do your surgery. I am including some questions that you really should ask. Don’t think you are being too personal, a qualified surgeon will be happy to give you an answer.

1. Is the Surgeon a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (FRCS) with their speciality in Plastic Surgery or are they a FRCS with NHS experience in plastic surgery?

2. Is the Surgeon a member of one of these professional organizations: British Association of Plastic Surgeons (BAPS) , the British Association of Cosmetic Surgeons (BACS) or the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS)?

3. Ask how long the Surgeon has held his or her FRCS qualification and how long they have been doing Plastic Surgery procedures.

4. Ask the Surgeon how many surgeries of the type you are planning that he or she has done in the last year.

5. Ask the Surgeon to see before and after photographs of patients that he or she has operated on so that you can get a sense of their style.

6. Ask the surgeon what their favourite procedure to perform is.

7. Ask if you can talk to some of the surgeon’s previous patients that have had the same surgery you are interested in.

8. Ask what type of technique would be used (e.g. in liposuction there are several different techniques).

9. Ask how long the procedure will take.

10. Ask how much pain you can expect to have.

11. Ask what the possible side-effects of this surgery are.

12. Ask which anaesthesia will be used (local or general) and if there will be a qualified Anaesthetist in the operating room if you require general anaesthesia.

13. Ask where the procedure will be done. Ask where the surgeon has operating privileges. If in a consultation room, ask if there is a surgical suite and where would you be taken if there were any complications.

14. Ask what the surgeon’s policy on touch-up surgery is, if you are unhappy with the results.

15. Ask when you can expect to return to work.

You can add your own questions to these. It is much better to go into cosmetic surgery well prepared, going in without all the facts can lead to an unrealistic expectation and unhappiness with your result.

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